Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dan

Once a kind hearted man fell in love with a woman with two children ages 4 & 2. He married that woman and loved those children. Horsey back rides, wrestling matches, jokes, movies, baseball, treehouses, bunkbed building all done with the boys.

He brought two more children in the world and continued video taping, raquetball, driving lessons, golf, attending band concerts, and choir concerts, football games, hockey matches. He always planned his schedule around their events and tried to bring home something special when he had to be out of town.

He drove cars into the dust, resoled his boots for over a decade, repaired creatively anything that could be so that money could be spent on camps and books and lessons and things for the kids because "that is an investment".

Today, on his day, he helped with dishes, served ice cream, gave one of the kids a head start on the lawn mowing because he is a servant leader that loves his family with all his heart.

We could never give him enough honor. Thank you, God, for Dan.

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