Thursday, July 2, 2009

Answered Prayers

Several months ago I was talking with God about my 24+ year old furniture. We were going to be hosting "The Truth Project", and the sofa and love seat were back breaking. So I laid out my desire for new furniture, and just a few minute later, Dan was at my side telling me that he was getting some unexpected money.

To say that the source of the money was a sad affair is an understatement. It made for many sleepless nights, chest pains, tears (on my part), and a wrestling with forgiveness.

Then the economy happened.

Listening to all the doomsayers, I thought we should hold on to our so called windfall and look for God to provide furniture some other way.

For instance, in the way we received our kitchen table and chairs-gift! The swimming pool-gift! One of our cars-insurance for the totaled car from a horrible hailstorm (gift!)

But nothing happened, and we proceeded with our Friday night get togethers. Sorry if we broke your back.

Nine days ago, I was telling the women at TLC about my dilemma. I so distinctly heard God telling me (in my heart and head), "I provided for that furniture months ago. Trust me for the future, not that." So, as soon as Dan was home for the weekend, we went shopping.

We didn't see anything that day, but I was peaceful that God had a plan, and we would find the right stuff at the right time. Same way it happened with our home.

The next day we ran out to look at some chairs I had seen, and Dan called to me from across the store, "Honey, I found them."
I can not begin to tell you all the ways that God gave us "immeasurably more that all (we) ask or imagine." (Ephesians 3:20)

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Kiersten Venezia said...

Beautiful!!! We never minded your old couches...but these will be NICE!

By the way, glad you're writing your blog again!

Love ya,